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It’s Tuesday and I’m bringing another embroidery trend that I have been noticing and liking!  Typically, embroidery is a very 2D craft: needle and thread on fabric.  Lately, I’ve been seeing people branching out from what embroidery is expected to be and using 3d elements to accent and enhance the stitching. 

First up we have a piece from The  Green Squirrel.  She is a Minneapolis (my city!) based crafter who loves to use vintage buttons and other various beads and bits.  I love the idea of layering the different elements to create a one of a kind flower piece.  The colors are so bright and fun, as are her other pieces.  You should also check out her shop for button pendants and other fun things!

I had a hard time choosing which piece to showcase here from marysgranddaughter because all her pieces are stitched better than the last!  The stitching is gorgeous and I love the way that she uses her 3D elements.  Using a doll’s arm:  genius!  I also love reading about the history of the doll pieces and the linen, such a nice touch that makes me love her pieces more.

I love seeing what people are doing these days in embroidery!  That is one of the things that I love about this craft is that the possibilities are endless and you can try new things and have great results thinking beyond needle and thread.


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Ahhh…the sweet, sweet smell of spring is lingering in the air!  Minnesota winters can feel long and rough, so when I can sense spring around the corner it is all I think about.  Naturally, those thoughts are going to spill over into most aspects of craft.  Doing a little searching, I found some great pieces in embroidery work that remind me of spring, here they are for your viewing pleasure!

To kick things off we have this absolutely adorable embroidery pattern from ALittleSweetness.  One of my greatest memories was hanging our laundry outside and having my clothes smell like the sun.  Since I live in an apartment now, I’ll have to live vicariously through this sweet pattern.  The quilt alone would be reason enough to love this pattern, but it all works so well together!  Take a look at her shop for more patterns and some precious fabric.  You can also check out her blog here.

Embroidery isn’t strictly relegated to the hoop, as we can see in these awesome mushroom sculptures.  Lovely World Handmade has done such a great job combining different fabrics and patterns with some excellent stitching.  The sweet little stitches under the mushrooms and that little bit of lace shows such nice attention to detail.  If only these mushrooms existed in my backyard…..how magical!  Swing on by her blog to check out more!

This piece by September House just screams spring!  From the colors to the beautiful flower, I can’t get enough!  I love the color combinations she chose and the hoop is perfect with it.  It’s just a bright ray of sunshine in my day when the days are still cold and grey.  She also offers some fantastic patterns in her shop that I know you will love!  Check out her blog for more from September House!

Oh spring……I can’t wait until we meet again!  Let me know if you have any suggestions for any embroidery artists you would like to see showcased or any trends/themes you would also like to see highlighted.  I love being shown new things and getting inspired by all the great artists out there!

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In my opinion, birds never go out of style.  There are so many varieties, interpretations, styles…..the possibilities are endless when it comes to birds in art.  My main craft is embroidery so I am going to be doing a post every week on different trends, styles, and just plain cool things going on with embroidery.

3 birds hand embroidery vintage hoop

I love the unexpected pops of color that the birds bring and who doesn’t love vintage fabric?!?  This great piece was crafted by jbdesign.  You can also check out her fantabulous blog at jbrowndesign.blogspot.com.

Little City Hoop--Wee Owl

An adorable piece of art by LittlePinkHouse!  The combination of felt and stitches is magical.  It makes you rethink what can go on a hoop!  You can also check out her great blog checkoutgirlcrafts.blogspot.com!

Sewn bird fly home embroidery

Finally, here we have a piece by laurabailliedesigns2 that I am IN LOVE with.  Ok, so the detail is awesome and I love the colors.  But what I really really like love is that she used a little bit of lace detailing on the belly of the bird.  It just adds another dimension that is so perfect.  It’s great seeing the use of scraps of crafty materials going towards something different and exciting!  Check out her blog at laurabailliedesigns.blogspot.com for more from her!

Check back next week for more embroidery work featured.  What kinds of trends and things would you like to see featured?

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