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Ok, so, my crafting area went through a bit of organization and cleaning this past weekend and I’m pretty pleased so far.  I have a lot of things to get rid of and more sorting/putting things in their place to do, but it’ll work!

I also came up with two impromptu organization ideas during my clean up.  First, is I have a lot of scraps of lace, longer pieces that I don’t like putting in a box because I can’t tell what I have.  So I had some napkin rings left over from some pincushions I was making and I wrapped the pieces of lace around those!  They look good lined up in my drawer and it really keeps them sorted.  You can pin them on the insides so that they don’t unravel after you’ve wound them around the ring.

The other thing was that I found an old recipe file folder that I’m sure I was intending to put recipes in but never got around to doing.  I also have a lot of little bits of paper that I like to save to make cards, pieces of random paper with ideas on them, and other bits of fabric that I can’t part with but I need to organize!  You can get a lot fancier with it then me, just writing over the original file categories, but I was in a rush and just wanted all the cleaning to be over with so the crafting could commence.

So, there are some of my little tips I discovered.  Hope you enjoy!  Do you have any great organizing ideas for me that you’d like to share?


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Yikes!  You only really realize how messy your space is when you take a step back and take some photos….wowsa.  Needless to say I need to get some serious organizing/cleaning done.  I swear I have good organization ideas and strategies….I will slowly get working on this space and check back and give you some little organizing tips.  I feel like if I revealed them now you wouldn’t believe me….so I’ll wait.  Until then take a look at my destruction!  Do you keep your spaces  nice n tidy?  I don’t think I’m alone, at least I hope not!

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