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It’s the end of the week (my work week in Tuesday-Saturday) and I am beat!  I gotta get inspired to work on some things, so here are some great and inspiring things that I’ve seen floating ’round Flickr!

my first redwork. by Laura Hartrich.

Laura Hartrich

Family Tree Commission by kristenaderrick.


Little Tiger's Orangey Celebration embroidery close-up by Joey's Dream Garden (formerly Joey 7).

Joey’s Dream Garden (formerly Joey 7)

Tofu Baby Embroidery 12 by sugar-cookie.



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Hello everyone!  Things have been busy around casa de Dryden this past week!  I am working furiously on some new things for an upcoming trunk show (post on this later) and T and I are planning a trip to Chicago at the end of the month.  Also I have an announcement:  at the end of August we are moving there!  He is going to Second City a nd the traveling between Minneapolis and Chicago doesn’t really allow him to give it 100% dedication, so to Chicago we go!  In honor of these big life changes I would like to do a little showcase of some of my favorite Chicago artist and crafters (whom I hope to meet!)

First off we have GirlSavage!  I have been a fan for a long time and I love her style.  It’s quirky and cute with a little hint of macabre.  She has jackalopes and owls and whales….what more could you want?  Hop on over to her shop and check out her fun creations.

Ashley Pahl is another artist whose stuff I really love!  She has a very similar style to my own, and her headline pretty much sums up everything that I love: Stationary Inspired By Nature Geography Ruffles & Lace.  And that is exactly what her shop says to me.  The colors are great and the simple lines are perfect.  I want one of everything!

Finally, we have WildOlive.  She’s technically from St. Charles, IL but that’s close enough for me.  I love her stuff so much I had to include her.  She offers the cutest embroidery patterns and printables.  I really enjoy her drawings and illustrations and how the perfectly places eyes and mouth can animate anything!  Her patterns are easy to use and you can stitch them up in minutes.  Zip on over there to check out her awesome things!

Who are some of your favorite local artists?  Any Chicagoans out there reading this: what do you love about Chicago?  What places should I check out?

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Like many of you, I’m sure, it’s not just craft-related things that inspire me.  For some it’s nature, others it’s movies, or books, or any number of things.  My other major inspiration in life is music.  I definitely get inspired by all the other things I just listed, but music has always been a constant force in my life.  I have been singing for as long as I can remember and I try to keep that a part of my life.  Anyhoo….I wanted to post some videos/songs of the groups and singers that keep me constantly inspired in my crafting life and in my day-to-day.  Hope you enjoy them and discover something new!  Who are some of your inspirational music artists?  Leave yours in the comments, I’m always looking for new music in my life!

Julian Casablancas: 11th Dimension

Sufjan Stevens: Decatur

Beck: Youthless

Jack White: pretty much he’s awesome.  I couldn’t pick just one video of his or the White Stripes because (at least to me) he can do no wrong.

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It’s Tuesday and I’m bringing another embroidery trend that I have been noticing and liking!  Typically, embroidery is a very 2D craft: needle and thread on fabric.  Lately, I’ve been seeing people branching out from what embroidery is expected to be and using 3d elements to accent and enhance the stitching. 

First up we have a piece from The  Green Squirrel.  She is a Minneapolis (my city!) based crafter who loves to use vintage buttons and other various beads and bits.  I love the idea of layering the different elements to create a one of a kind flower piece.  The colors are so bright and fun, as are her other pieces.  You should also check out her shop for button pendants and other fun things!

I had a hard time choosing which piece to showcase here from marysgranddaughter because all her pieces are stitched better than the last!  The stitching is gorgeous and I love the way that she uses her 3D elements.  Using a doll’s arm:  genius!  I also love reading about the history of the doll pieces and the linen, such a nice touch that makes me love her pieces more.

I love seeing what people are doing these days in embroidery!  That is one of the things that I love about this craft is that the possibilities are endless and you can try new things and have great results thinking beyond needle and thread.

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Pink and green are probably one of my favorite color combinations.  The thing is, there are soooo many different shades of green and pink that the color possibilities are endless.  So I guess as a sub-favorite color combo olive green and salmon pink is my favorite.  I saw an apron that had a brocade pattern in olive green on top of a salmon pink color and I thought it was a beautiful and interesting combo.  What are some of your favorites?  This spring I’m going to try and combine more of my favorites in some of my work as opposed to just admiring them!


chilean flamingo

Lucien olive green vases

salmon petunias

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Ok, so, my crafting area went through a bit of organization and cleaning this past weekend and I’m pretty pleased so far.  I have a lot of things to get rid of and more sorting/putting things in their place to do, but it’ll work!

I also came up with two impromptu organization ideas during my clean up.  First, is I have a lot of scraps of lace, longer pieces that I don’t like putting in a box because I can’t tell what I have.  So I had some napkin rings left over from some pincushions I was making and I wrapped the pieces of lace around those!  They look good lined up in my drawer and it really keeps them sorted.  You can pin them on the insides so that they don’t unravel after you’ve wound them around the ring.

The other thing was that I found an old recipe file folder that I’m sure I was intending to put recipes in but never got around to doing.  I also have a lot of little bits of paper that I like to save to make cards, pieces of random paper with ideas on them, and other bits of fabric that I can’t part with but I need to organize!  You can get a lot fancier with it then me, just writing over the original file categories, but I was in a rush and just wanted all the cleaning to be over with so the crafting could commence.

So, there are some of my little tips I discovered.  Hope you enjoy!  Do you have any great organizing ideas for me that you’d like to share?

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Here are some things I’ve had my hand in lately that I’m trying to work out the kinks on/make better.  Sometimes it’s hard when you feel like you’ve spent most of your day working on a craft project or new idea and then you just think of ways to make it better.  On the other hand, it’s good to know that you can continually grow and get better.  Does that ever happen to you?  How do you stay motivated when you’re just working on prototypes?  Really, when it comes down to it, we do it for the love of craft anyway!  Hope you’re having a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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