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I just received my code to be a beta tester over at the new site indieMADE!  You can still apply to be a beta tester if you would like, you get a free year and you’re able to help make the site better!  Here is my initial indiemade set up here.  Is there anything that you might want to see in your own website, or features that you would add to your own site if you had one?  Let me know!  The great thing about indiemade is that it is customizable and you have a lot of control and features.  Apply to be a beta tester today!


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I have always been partial to using natural light but I’m writing an article on using natural light vs. using a light box (will link to article when it’s posted) and I needed to get some firsthand experience.  I found this post on making a light box for $10.  But it cost me nothing!  All you need is a box, tracing paper, tape, a box cutter, and a piece of poster board (or something similar, I used the back of a poster)  Here is my process, all the instructions are in the link!

All in all, building and using the light box was a lot simpler than I thought it would be.  It always seemed more technical I guess (I don’t really know why!)  You should try building yourself one, it is super easy and I do like the result!

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It’s grey and rainy here in Minneapolis!  No fun, I was wanting to be outside for a little while today but no dice.  Instead, I guess it’ll force me to get some things done inside.  I have discovered a fun new thing: fusing fabric to paper!  The possibilities are really endless and you could use any fabric/paper combo you would like (although I’ve had the best success with cardstock).  I’ll show you one simple project you  can do with fabric fused paper, but expand out and think of all the fun things you can do!

What you need: a piece of fabric, a piece of cardstock (I had an 8 1/2 by 11 piece), fusible webbing, iron and ironing board, scissors, and a punch (but you can always just cut out tag shapes)

Iron your piece of fusible webbing to the back of your fabric per the brand instructions.  The general rule is put the shiny/textured side down onto the back of the fabric so that the paper-like side of the webbing is facing up.  This is the side you want to iron, also make sure your webbing is a little smaller than your fabric so you don’t get the webbing gunk on your ironing board.  Then let it cool for a few moments.

Peel the paper backing away from the fabric.  You should be left with a nice shiny surface on the wrong side of your fabric.  If the paper doesn’t peel away easily, you may need to iron it more to make sure that the webbing adhered.

Now, place your fabric shiny side down onto your cardstock.  Also make sure that the webbing doesn’t touch your ironing board (again, it is really quite gunky!)

Iron your fabric onto the cardstock.  This process can take anywhere from 8-12 seconds.  I found it helpful to leave the iron in one spot for a second or 2 and then move it around some.  Continuing to do this on the entire piece, you can always lift the corners and see if it’s adhered.  When it cools it adheres more.  You will want to let it cool almost completely before you do the punching or you won’t get a very clean punch.

After it’s cooled, use your tag punch (or any punch) and punch out your tags!  It’s helpful to have a very sharp punch, I read that you can punch some aluminum foil with your punch a few times to sharpen it up and it seems to work for me.  You can also cut out any shape you would like: letters, birds, anything at all.

I also did some circle punches!

Sometimes, there are little frayed bits left behind but they are easy to get rid of with some nice sharp and pointy scissors.  Or you can keep them on there for effect, your choice!

Finally, take your little hole punch and make some holes for the strings or ribbon.

And voila!  Some fun and unique gift tags for giving!

What are some other ways we could use fabric fused paper?  Leave all of your great suggestions in the comments!

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Hello everyone!  I will make no excuses for the hiatus, instead I am going to give you a lovely tutorial: enjoy!

We’re going to be making a fabric wrapped bracelet.  You only need a few materials to make this awesome project for yourself or as a gift (no selling please!)

Materials needed:  a bracelet of any sort (you can find tons of cheap plastic ones at thrift stores)

a piece of fabric that you like 12 in by 12 in about

and some Aleene’s fabric fusion ( found this to work the best)

You want to cut some slits into your fabric about 1/2 inch to an inch wide. You want just enough to get a tear started.

Tear a few strips, I usually do 4-5 because I wrap tightly and close together.  The longer the strips are the less you’ll need.

You’ll want to start the bracelet by tightly holding one end of the strip to the inside of the bracelet.  Wrap tightly 2-3 times around the same area to get a good hold.

Continue wrapping tightly leaving about 1/2 an inch between the frayed edges.  You want to really get a tight wrap going because you won’t use glue until the end.

Eventually a strip will end.  Make sure it ends on the inside of the bracelet (cut if you need to)

Then start wrapping over top the end piece the way you started the bracelet and continue.

Woohoo!  Wrapping is done.  Once again, make sure it ends on the inside of the bracelet.  Now grab your glue!

Now put a thin line of glue on top of your loose end.  You don’t want too much, we’re going to smear it around anyway.

Now rub the glue onto the edge, making sure that you have every part of the loose end glued down.

You can always add more glue if you need it, but really smear it in there!

Now let dry and wear!!

I’m still new at writing and photographing tutorials so any suggestions or comments on how to improve them or what you like: just let me know!  I’m more than open to your thoughts!

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Today we are talking about all things Japanese masking tape!!  Have you seen the wonder and beauty of this product??  The patterns are amazing and the colors…..anyhoo I’m going to post to some crafty links using this fantastic product and where YOU can get it and start having fun!

Over at The Red Thread, there is an awesome tutorial showing you how to make a mini bunting.  I had just as much fun reading the tutorial as I did looking at the pictures of all the tape stacked up!

Lacy Easter egg

Even though Easter is over, Family Circle posted a whole tutorial on how to decorate easter eggs in different ways.  One of those was this lovely creation using the tape!  Even though Easter has passed, these would be great for breakfast in bed for your sweets or your mom (hint hint).  I think any time of the year, this would be a gorgeous idea to spruce up any day.

Japanese Washi Tape and EntertainingElizabeth over at To Be Charmed has really outdone herself!  She has multiple pages of pictures and directions on how to use the washi tape in different ways.  There’s cupcake flags, how to cover plates, vases, serving dishes, the list goes on and on.  You will be lost in the sea of awesome ideas she has on this tape (and a lot of other things I might add-you could get lost on her blog in general!)

So!  Intrigued?  Loving this washi tape?  Here are some links on where you can get it so you can start making away!

Pretty Tape : the title pretty much says it all but there are other great supplies to check out here!

Nothing Elegant : lots of cute kawaii stuff too!

Downtown Fabrics : there’s a sale going on right now on lots of things and they ship from the USA if you’re worried about postage (and you can’t wait that long to play with your tape!)

Washimatta : ok, seriously, they have Hello Kitty! Liberty of Japan fabric…what?!

Cute Tape : has a ton of other things besides tape that you will want to spend ALL of your money on.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Well, I hope these links will get you inspired to try something new and create something fun with tape of all things!

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Well, the time is upon us for wedding season!  I have always dabbled with the idea of going into wedding planning or working in the wedding industry in one capacity or another because of all the different ways you can put your creativity to use.  I loved planning my wedding and now my little sister is getting married in October!  Being the crafty one in the family, she has called upon me to help with all the fun duties: invitations, decorations, flower arranging, place cards-you name it, we’re doing it!  I am going to be documenting all of the things we’re making along the way incase you or someone you know wants to do a DIY wedding.

First, we are working on invitations.  Since it’s in October (and they decided the date a month ago) we have to get the invites out as soon as we can.  Also, being in October, she has gone with a nice fall color collections of orange, olive green, goldish yellow, and brown with some cream accents.

The text on the invitations are going to be a chocolate brown instead of the traditional black, which will tie the whole scheme together.  She wanted flat invitations to cut down on the labor of folding, so we chose poppy as the base and a cream colored paper for the text.  The invitation is going to fit inside a size A-9 envelope, so we cut pieces of the poppy cardstock to 5  1/2 by 8  1/2.  We then cut the cream colored paper to make a 1/2 inch smaller to fit.

Then for the RSVP cards she wanted to incorporate the olive and golden colors so we did the same thing as the invitation, just on a smaller scale.  The olive is the base which is an A2 size (4 1/4 by 5 1/2).  She wanted a smaller border around the yellow so we only made a 1/4 inch one.  We’re going to send them out to get printed because neither of our printers could do cardstock very well.  After they come in we’re going to tie a nice olive green leaf ribbon around the whole set and put them in poppy envelopes!  When we assemble and finish them, I’ll do a post about that as well (we’re also going to line the envelopes with some brocade patterned paper, and I’ll dedicate a post to that!)

Whew…invitations are just the beginning to the work, but it is so much fun.  If you have good people around to help, doing a DIY wedding is very rewarding!  Here are some sources to get started on your own invitations:

Paper Source: this is where we purchased all of the supplies to make the invites.  They have a wide array of colors and decorative papers and ribbons….it’s hard to stay focused in their store.  They have great resources online too about DIY invitations, and if you live near one the people there are really helpful!

Minuteman Press is where she is getting them printed.  Their prices are reasonable and it’s in a very convenient location for us.  You can easily get them done at a Kinko’s or Office Max (or with your own printer if you have the means).  On a side note, Minuteman Press does a lot of other printing jobs for the crafty types like cards, business cards, notepads, etc. so check them out even if there isn’t a wedding in your life.

This is also a good all around site for DIY invitations that you can get lost in!

Keep checking back for more ideas and instructions on creating a DIY wedding!

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So I’ve been toying with the idea of doing embroidery patterns of my doodles recently.  It’s an interesting thing for me to think about because I become really attached to the things that I do and yet I would love the idea of someone stitching my design!  So I’m going to start testing the waters slowly by offering some free embroidery patterns here and then seeing how I feel about the whole process.  Anyhoo….here is my first pattern.  Just a cute lil’ jellyfish that I drew and then stitched up to show some color options, but go crazy with it!  Hope you enjoy!

jellyfish pattern

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