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I’m Moving!

Yes, yes, I’ve said many times I’m moving to Chicago but this time I’m referring to my blog!  I have a new blog now: The Urban Pasture !  It’s a little different but will still have tutorials, recipes, doodles, and other life bits.  I’m going to be focusing more on country living/diy living in a big city-I’m very excited about the new direction my blog is taking and I would love for you to come along for the ride!  Change any essential RSS feeds, google readers, etc.  


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I found this fantastic photo perusing my Flickr groups! Great job scrumptiousdelight I am loving it!

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june of summer 019, originally uploaded by MyLittleCeePod.

Moving is coming up quick and I’m getting more nervous and anxious by the day…..I just have to keep repeating myself this mantra. It’s hard to take risks in life and I’m taking lots of them right now! Sorry if the blog is a little bare, things will get back to normal in no time!

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Today I’m going to talk about one of the first books that I read when I first got into embroidery. Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray is a really great book and resource for those who are just getting into embroidery and for those who love embroidery but would love to work on some ridiculously adorable patterns and projects.
The page layouts are fun and colorful and I like how they have little bits of embroidery scattered throughout the book. There is a good section to me on the transfer process, I was always unsure the best way to go about doing it and she explains a couple processes great! She explains a lot of the beginner stitches very well. There is an illustration showing you how to do the stitch and then a picture next to it showing you how it should look on your fabric. I found this to be really helpful because it’s always nice to know what it’s supposed to look like on your work. There are also some fun little decorative stitches you can look forward to like the star, lazy daisy, and fly!

Hill Man embroidery pattern PDF


The projects themselves are fantastic! She not only gives you embroidery patterns and ideas but there are also patterns for bags, ornaments, and the like that you apply your embroidery to! I love that about this book. I like seeing where my work can go and you can easily mix n match the patterns and projects to your liking. The projects range from stuffed animals, to skirts, to lampshades! This book will keep you interested and occupied with all the great projects that she’s given you!

Forest embroidery pattern PDF


I suppose the only downside to this book, for me, was that A. there weren’t more projects! and B. I wish there was more insight into how she comes up with her designs. The book wasn’t very personal, it seemed to me, even though you can tell all these patterns came straight from her sketches. I like to hear a little bit more of the crafter’s voice throughout, but you know I’m really splittin’ hairs here because I love the book! So, if you are a first time embroiderer I would highly recommend checking out this book and even if you have been doing this embroidery thing for a little while you’ll find really cute patterns and projects to work on too!

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I’m having a good time here in Chicago and one thing that I’ve learned (and I guess have always kind of known) is that Chicagoans love their pizza!  Just thought I would post some quick links to some delicious sounding pizza recipes that I’m going to have to try when I get home to try and recreate the authentic (and ridiculously delicious) taste! What are some of your favorite places for pizza in your town?  Have any awesome pizza recipes you care to share? 



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